Success Through Teamwork

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We apply value engineering methods from concept through plan development to consider design approaches that may save time and money to identify the most optimal ways to approach a project and improve the outcome. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to review these options before construction begins. In order to complete this process effectively, we strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs early on to give the end results they deserve.

Jobsite Safety

The safety of our workers and your employees/customers is of paramount importance to us. We have partnered with a professional safety consulting firm to develop a custom safety program, keeping it up to date with industry standards. We make regular use of negative air temporary dust wall systems with HEPA filtration, air monitoring devices, and other measures to protect areas that need to remain sterile, healthy and productive. During remodeling projects, we make it our duty to maintain the productivity of your business and the safety of your people, with little to no interruption to your normal operations.

Accounting Policies

We utilize the latest software to obtain real-time executed subcontracts and purchase orders from our subcontractors and material suppliers upon receipt of formal approval to proceed with a project. Progress billings can be submitted on any time schedule. We generally invoice once a month with detailed billings, showing expenses broken down by division using a computer generated form (AIA G703 and G702 are available upon request). After receiving payment from the customer, lien waivers are collected from all subcontractors before payment is released to them.

Project Management

At Beeler we “make it happen” through our focus on partnership and high level of care on each and every project. We maintain close contact with clients throughout the project lifecycle and conduct regular reviews with you, our crew and subcontractors—and can provide an easy-to-navigate digital timeline to allow everyone to track progress 24/7. The most successful projects are built on trust, and we’ve been cultivating that trust since 1959 through teamwork, project management, superior communication and experience handling the unexpected.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Beeler, our belief in the power of partnership and trust extends to our commitment to diversity and inclusion as well. Our 60 years in this business have taught us that building trust requires a team that represents and understands the communities we serve. It's taught us that partnerships are stronger when diverse people and perspectives are allowed to unleash innovation, fuel creativity and feed on constructive differences. At Beeler, we not only celebrate difference, we harness it to create a better company and deliver better results.

Design | Build

When a single point of contact is desired and time is of the essence, we offer design/build services to assist with the space planning and budgetary processes. We collaborate with a carefully selected group of architects who are qualified to meet your needs. Beeler strives to aid in the design of the project with your budget and goals in mind. This type of engagement early on often expedites project completion by eliminating back-to-the-drawing-board crises.

Quality Control

Control of systems and best practices ensure optimal outcomes on even the most complex projects. We also know that quality work begins with quality people. At Beeler, it’s a point of pride that we have very little employee turnover. This continuity of experience fuels the creativity and collaboration that makes our team so great to work with. In addition to our project managers, superintendents and carpenters, we also carefully pre-qualify and vet our pool of trusted subcontractors to make sure everyone involved is committed to delivering high quality workmanship that’s on time and on budget.

Accurate Estimates

Since 1959, we’ve gained extensive knowledge about how to provide accurate estimates and the importance of doing so. We can begin the estimation process in the conceptual stages of a project and refine as architectural plans are developed. We use current bid solicitation technology to share information regarding addenda, walk-throughs and changes to the bid document in real-time. We also aren’t opposed to doing things the “old fashioned way” when a project warrants it. Collecting the subcontractor bids early enough to properly review scopes and ensure accuracy long before construction starts, helps ensure a successful project. It’s all part of our objective to avoid surprises and unnecessary change orders by including the proper scope up front vs. rushing incomplete prices.

Jobsite Control

We use a secure, cloud-based system to ensure all team members have access to the latest addenda, plan revisions and project notes. Daily superintendent logs are kept, along with as-built copies of plans documenting any changes during construction. Our superintendents are equipped with smartphones, laptops, tablets and digital cameras to facilitate real-time communication and data capture. All parties are in constant communication to review the concerns, make the proper adjustments and stay on schedule. Weekly job site meetings are also conducted on larger or sensitive projects so that issues can be addressed and solved before they develop into problems.